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Losing a loved family member is always hard to cope with. Whilst we can’t help people with their grief, if you’ve made a Will your loved ones have less to worry about in your absence. We can help you to make sure your wishes are followed without disputes or misunderstandings.

If you have a Will your money, property and other assets can be distributed in accordance your wishes. This is very important if you want to make sure you give your money to the people that need it most. Without a Will, your assets could end up going to the wrong people or even the State, as your family will lose control of the processes.

Looking after Children

If you have Children under the age of 18, making a Will is vital. The Will guarantees the people you have nominated are legally responsible for their wellbeing after your death. If a Will is not in place, the courts will decide who looks after your children, and they might end up with foster carers rather than family or friends.

A well thought through, well written Will, can also be used to make sure children do not receive an inheritance automatically at 18.  This is important as sometimes young people are not mature enough to manage a large amount of money or assets.

Inheritance Tax

Taking proper advice when making a Will is essential as you need make sure your loved ones don’t face a sizeable Inheritance Tax bill after you die.

At Sehgal & Co we have extensive experience in Will preparation and Inheritance Tax planning ensuring our Client’s wishes are clearly identified, in an easy to understand and tax efficient manner.


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