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When someone dies, you will need to ‘apply for probate’, which means getting the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions, known as the ‘estate’.  If the person left a will and appointed an Executor, they can apply for the ‘grant of probate’.

As an Executor of an Estate, or Administrator under the Rules of Intestacy, you must comply with provisions of the deceased’s Will or administer his/her Estate in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy (if no Will exists).

Dedicated Probate and Estate Administration Team

At Sehgal & Co, we have a dedicated Probate and Estate Administration specialist with many years of experience in administering Estates of all sizes and complexities. We can guide our clients through the process of administering an Estate in a straightforward easy to understand manner.


For advice to clients here in the Jewellery Quarter, throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK.