Commercial property disputes, however large or small, need to be handled carefully.  At worst they can damage the value of an investment, but given the potential of uncertain outcomes, all disputes, however large or small, need managing very carefully.

At Sehgal & Co, we have a team of property litigation experts who can bring the required knowledge, sensitivity and expertise to advise landlords and tenants on all disputes concerning property.

Our astute solicitors will fight for your interests and we are confident there are very few situations where we won’t have had previous experience.  We will always try and avoid court costs if possible and offer mediation and arbitration as alternatives where we can to keep your costs under control.

There are a huge number of property related issues that can lead to disputes, such as:

  • Ownership, management or occupation issues
  • Property management disputes
  • Non-payment or recovery of rent
  • Breach of lease conditions such as a landlord not maintaining a building
  • Adverse possession claims, forfeitures
  • Residential possession claims
  • Development complications or construction or pre-construction disputes
  • Land management issues
  • Land Registry rectification claims and the adjudication of other land registration issues
  • Option and overage disputes
  • Removal of squatters and travellers, unlawful occupation
  • Restrictive covenant issues, rights of way/light and other easement disputes
  • Business lease renewals
  • Break notices
  • Service charge disputes
  • Party wall, trespass and boundary disputes
  • Leasehold enfranchisement
  • Repossession claims against telecom operators.

If you have an ongoing partnership with us, then many disputes can be avoided as you will have already had good advice and will have avoided common pitfalls.  However, the unexpected can happen and we can work with you and, for example, renegotiate a tenancy or approach a landlord on your behalf to put your case and help you avoid needless costs.

Whatever dispute you are in, we will back you 100% to make sure you protect your assets and investments.  Our goal is to resolve the dispute on your behalf as quickly and cost effectively as possible so you can concentrate on your business.


For advice to clients here in the Jewellery Quarter, throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK.