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Commercial property disputes, however large or small, need to be handled carefully.  At worst they can damage the value of an investment, but given the potential of uncertain outcomes, all disputes, however large or small, need managing carefully.

At Sehgal & Co, we can advise landlords and tenants on all disputes concerning property.  Contentious issues can arise around ownership, management or occupation.  Non-payment of rent for any reason, breach of lease conditions or a landlord not maintaining a building can lead to disputes.

If you have an ongoing partnership with us then many disputes can be avoided as you’ve already had good advice.  However, the unexpected can happen and we can work with you to renegotiate tenancies or approach a landlord on your behalf.

Our goal is to resolve any dispute on your behalf as quickly and cost effectively as possible, all the while working in partnership with you to maximise the value of your assets.


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